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Metering valves

Metering valve series MV-25

Metering valve MV-25

Metering valve model MV-25 ist our smalles metering valve.


It can be used for precise metering of oil, grease, glue as well as agressive materials. Adjustable shot size is 2,5-25 mm³ or 10-100 mm³ per cycle. The valve is characterized by high precision and high repeatability of shot size. Variation on material pressure or cycle time does not affect the shot size.

Monitoring of function is available by sensor


  • Extrusion valve MV-25
  • Extrusion valve with grip MV-25H
  • Spray valve MVS-25
  • Spray valve with grip MVS-25H


  • Luer-Lock connection
  • monitoring
  • heating
size: 113mm x 25mm x 58mm
weight: ca. 530 g
air pressure: 6-10 bar
material pressure: max. 150 bar
shot size: 2,5 - 25 mm³ oder 10 - 100 mm³
frequency: max. 5 Hz
repeatability: >97%