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Metering valves

Metering valve series MV-N

Needle metering valve MV-N

We are using needle metering valves for very small shot sizes . 

As drive cylinder is seperated this metering valve is ensures a high reliability and requires little maintainence. Shot size can be adjusted by a stop screw limiting the movement of the needle. 

The metering valve can be either controlled by pneumatic or electric signal. It can be operated with a grip with trigger, by foot switch or by external signal from PLC. 

We offer the valve in 4 sizes for shots from 0,001 ml up to3,0 ml. 


  • pneumatic or electric handle 
  • heating
  • monitoring
  • various needle tips and luer lock connector


Technical data:

Part no. shot size material input pressure(bar) inlet thread
7032000004 0,001-0,01 cm³ 3-20 1/8" BSP
7032000001 0,003-0,02 cm³ 3-20 1/4" BSP
7032000003 0,003-0,02 cm³ 3-50 1/4" BSP
7032000005 0,05-1,0 cm³ 3-20 1/4" BSP
7032000006 0,1-3,0 cm³ 3-20 1/4" BSP